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Look into the world of Elves

All of us are from childhood dreams, but even though growing older, each of us wants to believe in miracles ... incredible and beautiful, in such dreams which are made with your own hands, in tale which is the first story about the beauty of life for your child.

Imagine a magical land, where wishes can be realized with Elf wing beat, land without second thoughts and tricks, land in which beauty, sincerity, youth and mischief go together . This is the world of Elves. The world plunging into which anyone can become a bit magician, a world in which the most timid dream gives wings and opens up new color opportunities horizons. World of Elves – is a world of magical creatures who can hear the innermost desires, the purest dreams, world of fabulous mountains and dense forests, resounding rivers and colored lakes, rainbow colors and good sunshine. It's a secret, magical place, filled with natural magic and beauty – safe home for elves – ancient inhabitants of the world, keepers of nature spirit and harmony. Elves- are kind and generous creatures, they are happy to share splendor of nature and the magic of their world with those who love bright colors and want to surround themselves with beauty.

The soul of the brand Alina Paint – Elfina – one of inhabitants of Elven world - magical character who helps to turn refurbishment into an enjoyable and exciting process, and surface - to the perfection. Environmental friendliness, unique properties of Alina Paint products, ease of use, incredible color range, finish selection, fantastic price and perfect quality – are magic components available to everyone. Brand philosophy is the idea of light and harmonious changes in the world around us. You just need to wish and world of unlimited fantasy and happiness of dream will become your reality.