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1993–1998 Production of alkyd enamels under the trademark AlinEX with order placement on China and Turkey plants. Share of market in Kazakhstan – 80%.

01.02.1997 Calculation of the project for launch and presentation on the Kazakhstan market of own varnish-and-paint production. Implementation of this project has been moved to “better times” due to the stagnation of the economy in Kazakhstan.

01.11.2002 Creation of trademark, logo and corporate style 

01.02.2003 Release of the first production in packaging 1 kg, 4,5 kg, 15 kg, 27 kg:

- wipe ceiling water-based paint Alina Paint INTER ECO

- washable water-based paint for the walls Alina Paint INTER LUX

Binding sales of Alina Paint to the sales of AlinEX mixes. Thereafter, taking into account the customers’ wishes, work on the brand considering its specificity, separately from other brands of the Company.

01.03.2003 Creation of a brand code. The first visual image “Girl-Butterfly Alina Paint” and the first slogan “Live in the richness of color!” have been developed. Release of facade paint Alina Paint FASSADE.

01.02.2003 - 04.04.2009 Constant optimization and production restart in order to bring the quality of the Product to the level of customer requirements.

01.04.2003 Release of the filling Alina Paint JOINT Compound.

01.06.2003 Release of the primers:

- Alina Paint GRUND W

 - Alina Paint GRUND FL

Further development of the logo from monochrome to color.

01.08.2003 Manufacturing company trading equipment for retail chains.

01.09.2003 Participation in the first exhibition “Kazbuild 2003”.

01.10.2003 Advertisement positioning on the transport.

01.05.2004 Release of enamels: 

- Alina Paint GLOSS ENAMEL

 - Alina Paint MATT ENAMEL

Release of the metal primer Alina Paint METALL GRUND.

01.10.2004 Release of the water-base varnish Alina Paint FINISH GLANCE.

01.12.2004 Installation of the first tinting machine tool in Kostanay city.

01.06.2005 Determination of the archetype of the brand, 4-D model development.

01.02.2006 Correcting the brand image “Girl-Butterfly Alina Paint”. Creation of a new logo and label corresponding to the archetype Magician. The new slogan “Magical transformation” is approved.

01.05.2006 Launch of the advertising video on TV “Girl-Butterfly Alina Paint” on the territory of Kazakhstan. 

01.02.2007 Temporary closure of the enamel production. As a whole, period 2002- 2009 can be characterized as searching for its place in the market, determining the correct positioning of the brand, lack of product which fully meets the requirements of the market. Finally, after many years of trial and attempts, starting from the second half of 2009, Alina Paint brand got it’s “second birth”.

01.10.2009 - 01.12.2009 Changing the properties of Alina Paint products and bringing them into compliance with market requirements. Decision on launching new products.

01.12.2009 The new era of the brand. Rebranding in order to give a signal to the market that we have fundamentally changed the properties of the products. New concept “Fairy paint” is developed and adopted.

26.04.2010 Release of mildew preventative SANITA.

18.06.2010 Release of products with new concept, new design, packaging, quality and properties. Launching new packaging: 1 kg, 3 kg, 7 kg, 20 kg. Released products:


Presentation of exclusive sales team Alina Paint

01.10.2010 Release of water based acrylic enamel MALIKA.

25.04.2011 The new image “Magical Elf girl” called Elfina is developed and approved.

01.07.2011 Release of the new product Alina Paint ARCTIC

11.06.2012-15.06.2012 Change the labels of the product Alina Paint PVA glue ECONOM and STANDART to the new one with the new image– Elfina

12.11.2012 Release of the acrylic paint for ceilings using color transformation technology Alina Paint MAGIC

15.11.2012 Release of the new product Alina Paint AKRILA (glossy)

07.12.2012 Release of the new product Alina Paint PVA glue PROFI (joiner's glue)

13.12.2012 Release of the new product – ready plaster for large areas Alina Paint ELASTIC

14.12.2012 Release of the new product – ready plaster for interior and exterior use Alina Paint SPECIAL

01.03.2013-01.03.2013 Distribution of 20 new tinting machine tools among RK cities

04.03.2013 Release of the new product Alina Paint AKRILA (semimat)

05.03.2013 Release of the new product Alina Paint AKRILA (matte)

06.03.2013 Release of the new product – antirust primer for metal surfaces Alina Paint METALIKA

06.03.2013 Release of acrylic water based enamel Alina Paint EVRIKA in the economy segment

2014-2015 Decorative plasters and paints previously owned by another company have been added to the brand's line of Alina Paint: BARHAN, FRESKA, SABBIA, FLORETTA, LAZURE etc. 

21.11.2015 Participation in the “ Exhibition of Kazakhstan manufacturers” within the framework of International Cooperation Forum

11.08.2016 Annual successful participation in the contest  “The Best Product of Kazakhstan” 

2014-2016 Active participation in social initiatives: support of its own Company project “Clean Homeland”, support of the project “THIS IS YARD”, project support “Give magic to the children” in collaboration with JSC “Kazpost”, etc.