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For Dealers

Why it is advantageous to become a dealer of Alina Paint products:

– Alina Paint – is a leader in the paints and varnishes market, collaboration with us will allow to run your business with confidence and stability;

– Brand Alina Paint will make it possible to guarantee its customers perfect quality without long explanations – Alina Paint is known to all;

– Work of the experts of the Scientific research and product development center ensures continuous improvement of finished products formula and updating of the product line– you will constantly implement the most modern and popular paint and finishing products;

– Organized logistics of the serious large company, road and railway shipping ensure the smooth operation of your business;

– Flexible price policy will make it possible to choose the most optimal conditions for settlement payments;

– Developed marketing, a wide range of additional services such as technical consultations, personnel training of the customers, master classes and presentations, advertising campaigns for the employees of the dealer and customers, provision of promotional materials, souvenir production, banners production and branding of the dealer vehicles – due to all this you would feel our support and constant attention.

We are looking for companies who are ready to become our representatives.