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  • Фактурная штукатурка Munhenka 2,5 мм

    Textured plaster for decorative finishing of the interiors and facades. It is a deep expressive relief and stylish effect of village walls without extra efforts.

    Фасовка: 15 кг.

  • Фактурная штукатурка Reliefa (средняя, крупная)

    Textured plaster with an effect of expressive relief texture imitating the texture of natural stone. It can be used for both exterior and interior finish. “Breathable” surface reliably protects the room from condensation of water vapor inside the walls.

    Фасовка: 15 кг., 25 кг.

  • Фактурная штукатурка Mineral mix (мелкая)

    Textured plaster imitating natural surfaces, such as unpolished granite cut or sand. Its ready color solution for your interior and facade.

    Фасовка: 15 кг., 25 кг.